Less than 10% of the companies are taking advantage of advanced analytics to boost business performance. Why not starting today?

Upping Group is an advanced analytics consulting firm, working with an innovated methodology on a global scale, across several industries.

Upping releases relevant knowledge and intelligence to support strategic decisions, developing tailored made advanced analytics solutions, using the latest and most potent analytics software’s.

Advanced analytics brings together a set of techniques and sophisticated tools for analyzing large volumes of data or content, uncovering patterns and hidden trends to release relevant insights, to predict future events and to generate knowledge to support decision-making.

Less than 10% of the companies are taking advantage of this powerful tool to boost business performance. Upping Group has a broader positioning: start for what is simpler and is accessible to any company.

We nurture an innovative approach to demystify data issues, challenging organizations to look at their business in a new way: starting from the analysis of existent data and which is available in house, without any platforms nor technological investments. With well-defined strategic analytical objectives, these very same data, may disclose relevant knowledge and support the best strategies and decisions, benefiting the business in the short run.

You have the data. We have the right analytical expertise and strategic guidance, to unlock the value of your data. Why not starting today with advanced analytics?

Run a Proof of Concept for free using your own data set, with no costs nor further commitment, and start by evaluating advanced analytics potential in your business. Embrace today the data-driven transformation!

For more information: sofia.seno@uppinggroup.com