Data Science


Upping’s innovative Customer Intelligence methodology is supported by one of the leading Data Science platforms, the IBM Modeler Premium software.

The goal is to gain deeper insights into a certain business area with the purpose of empowering the company to take some kind of strategic decision or action.

Data Science

Extract · Integrate · Prepare · Structure · Analyze

The solution is part of the Upping-resident analytics development environment, always supported by the Cross-Industry Standard Process for Data Mining (Crisp-DM) Methodology.

The software includes a vast list of analytical techniques to obtain useful and reliable results from the Data Mining process (to explore large amounts of data seeking to identify patterns). We offer a number of techniques with algorithms for segmentation, classification, association and prediction.

Data Science Platform – Big Data and Analytics

The Data Science platform ensures scalability in the development of advanced analytics solutions such data, text & sentiment mining, and includes several distribution options to meet the real-time scoring requirements.

Tailor-made solutions, requiring no additional investment in terms of application software by the Brands.

Upping works with the data extracted by organizations from their existing business support systems (POS, CRM, BI, ERP, or others).

Data Science Platform - Big Data and Analytics