Customer Management


Upping is a consulting firm specialized in Customer Intelligence, whose mission is helping Brands to strategically manage their Customers with the purpose of creating customer loyalty.

With over 20 years’ experience in Customer Intelligence, Upping is your trusted partner in strategies of:


By making an in-depth analysis of preferences, consumption and purchasing patterns of your Customers.
Based on a Data Science platform, Upping unlocks Actionable Insights to support campaigns or strategically develop the business, according to the Brands’ priorities.

In terms of Customer Intelligence and with the Advanced Analytics approach, we can find out:

Customer Management

Customer preferences and patterns


The right time of contact


The most relevant value proposition and channel for each Customer.

Customer Intelligence is a key step for Brands that wish to play a relevant role with Customers, keeping them satisfied and fostering a relationship of greater value.

Relationship Marketing

We analyze the Customer Lifecycle to understand his profile and preferences, to help relationship marketing find differentiated approaches, depending on where the customer is with regard to the Brand.

We live in an age in which the consumer is ever more demanding and constantly tempted by competing information. It is therefore vital that Brands have:

Customer Focus

This is best answer to the loyalty challenge. Starting here, we identify new strategies to increase the average ticket and build a path leading to greater engagement, by promoting relevant and personalized experiences.

Data Driven

While developing its activity, Upping partners with Brands that wish to develop a Data Driven culture, where the decision-making process is based on data. It is then possible to implement an advanced analytical approach to increase data value.

Relationship Marketing
We deliver results driven analytical solutions and actionable insights.

Upping positions itself as a partner to assists Brands in developing the roadmap and identifying the strategic priorities that boost the learning curve in the data world.

Any organization, regardless of the technology readiness level, size or industry, with transactional data on the activity of its Customers, has a valuable natural resource to be used as a strategic decision basis, allowing the organization to leverage the results of the existing business or to identify new opportunities.

How we deliver?

We define the best strategies to increase Customer value with tailor-made solutions for each individual business, requiring no further investment in terms of application software.

We work with an innovative methodology based on the IBM Modeler Premium software, a leading Data Science platform.

We deliver Personalized Reporting (Scorecard, Migration Report and Dashboards) via an exclusive access portal that can be viewed on a Computer, Tablet or Mobile.

Analytics-as-a-Service (AaaS): analytical partnership model on a regular and ongoing basis.

Analytical Project: analytical partnership on a one-shot basis, limited to a particular project.

Free Demo


We can exemplify these approaches, free of charge and with no future obligation, with a Proof of Concept (free demo) applied to a real data sample from your Brand , so you can get a glimpse of what we deliver, the potential of our analytical solutions to drive the development of your business and the expected deliverables:

We know the preferences and purchase patterns of your Customers;

We know who the best buyers are and those at risk of churning;

We identify the best strategies to increase Customer value.