Target Definition


Depending on the objectives of each Brand, we define and identify the Target for campaigns according to Customer Lifecycle: acquisition, retention or reactivation actions.

The algorithms developed for each Brand are updated with appropriate regularity according to the activity of each organization. Part of the analytical approach is the definition of Targets qualified according to the greater likelihood of responding to a certain campaign, such as, e.g., the universe of prospects more likely to convert to the Brand, or the segment of Customers more likely to churn.

Targets | Life Cycle Routines

When certain actions aimed at Customers, in the context of Customer acquisition, retention or reactivation, become more frequent and regular, Lifecycle Routines are implemented, which automatically identify and qualify the corresponding Targets.

An example of a Lifecycle Routine is the weekly use of the retention algorithm, ensuring that it is automatically updated and accesses the Customers at risk of churn and eligible for marketing campaigns at the right time.

Target Definition

Count on us to identify the Target of your campaigns and to implement Lifecycle Routines that automatically identify and qualify the Targets of Customer acquisition, retention or reactivation campaigns.