Single Customer View


The Single Customer View is the starting point of the analytical development. By organizing the information on all the transactions and interactions the consumer made with the Brand, we obtain a unified view, from structure and unstructured information residing in the organization’s operating systems, Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Systems and other business support systems.

For many organizations the fact that their Customer information is not integrated in a single platform is considered a constraint to entering the Customer Intelligence world. In fact, the record of purchased products is often not integrated in the platform that aggregates sales, or where campaigns are managed. However, this is not a limitation to the creation of the Single Customer View. As an expert in Customer Intelligence, Upping has the necessary software and know-how to do that job, with no limitations in terms of data volume or the complexity of sources or system.

The solutions we offer do not require any additional technology investment by our Clients. To create the Single Customer View, we work on the data extracted from the Client’s business support systems (POS, CRM, BI, ERP, or others). The work we do is based on a Data Science Platform, residing at Upping.

Single Customer View

We create the Single Customer View by aggregating all the information of the existing systems in a single platform.