Customer Segmentation


Customer Segmentation allows categorizing customers based on their value, in a multidimensional approach, updating their status according to their activity and interaction with the Brand.

Classifying Customers in terms of their higher or lower value for the Brand, generates homogeneous groups with respect to typology, profile, preferences and main metrics.

With this Customer Segmentation the most relevant business strategies for each group become very clear, simplifying personalized approaches.

We can, for instance, identify the opportunity for new revenue streams targeting the best buyers, and/or exclude from certain marketing initiatives the group with marginal metrics, thus increasing the ROI of campaigns.

On the other hand, the monitoring of Customer Migration dynamics (upgrade and downgrade) between different segments is a key business control tool.

We offer different types of segmentation, e.g., Clusters, Customer Centric, Profiling or other, ensuring the best solution for each business.

Customer Segmentation

We use Customer Segmentation to reveal the most relevant strategies for your business.