Anti-Churn Algorithm


The Anti-Churn Algorithm allows you to identify Customers that may be at risk of leaving the Brand.

This model is developed and calibrated according to the activity and business specificities of each Brand. It allows to take preventive action and to implement measures to encourage purchases. On the other hand, this approach also avoids announcing discounts to those that are still within their usual pattern. In this case, it is possible to develop up-selling or cross-selling actions thus increasing the average ticket of this segment.

We can exemplify the results of the Anti-Churn Algorithm (identify who may, or may not, be at risk, determine the right moment to contact and define the best value proposition), free of charge and with no future obligation, by applying it to a real data sample from your Brand.

Anti-Churn Algorithm

Talk to us to identify the Customers that may be at risk of churning and to implement Anti-Churn measures.