Customer Intelligence

Upping Group is a consulting firm specialized in Customer Intelligence whose purpose is to help Brands unlock more value from their Customers, by gaining comprehensive knowledge from each one.

Which Customers to include in the anti-churn action plan?

How to increase sales from the best Customers?

What’s the best offer for new Customer acquisition campaigns?

The answer to these questions is linked to metrics management and implies a thorough knowledge of how customers interact with the Brand. Customer Intelligence helps to understand each customer, enables you to learn about their purchase patterns, follow their lifecycle, define customer acquisition, retention and churn mitigation strategies, as well as to formulate Cross-Selling and Up-Selling proposals.

Customer Intelligence is a key step for Brands that wish to play a relevant role with Customers, keeping them satisfied and fostering a relationship of greater value.

Satisfaction · Loyalty · Retention

Based on an in-depth analysis of Customer preferences, consumption and purchase behaviors and using a Data Science platform, Upping releases insights for campaign definition or for the strategic development of businesses.



We can exemplify these approaches, free of charge and with no future obligation, with a Proof of Concept (free demo) with a real data sample of your Brand, thus providing you with a glimpse of the benefits of Upping’s work applied to your business:

We know the preferences and purchase patterns of your Customers;

We know who the best buyers are and those at risk of churning;

We identify the best strategies to increase Customer value.