Upping wants to help Companies optimize CRM (Customer Relationship Management), i.e., to favorably manage the relationship with the Customers, based in the Customer Intelligence approach.
By gaining insights on the behavior of each specific customer, the Brand may define strategies to support personalized campaigns for each type of customer, adding value.

How does CRM work?

Regardless of the system or platform used by the Company to help manage its business, either CRM to manage the Brand’s contacts with its Customers, or any other, e.g., BI, POS, etc.…, by storing the information regarding its Customers, (with respect to their purchasing behaviors, interests and needs) the Company increases its knowledge, improves its relationship and can make targeted, specific and accurate campaigns.

These systems register the Customer data and the data regarding the interaction with the Brand, thus creating a history that is regularly updated, such as:

      • “Which buying channel does the customer prefer?”
      • “What was the first purchase in the Brand?”
      • “What was the last purchased product and when?”
      • “How often does he consume Brand products?”
      • “What is the average value of his purchases?”


Each Customer has his own purchase pattern. When a Brand seeks to “target” a Customer with a particular campaign, it must analyze him individually and treat him in a personalized way, according to his position in the Lifecycle.

What are the benefits of optimizing CRM?

What are the benefits of optimizing CRM?
CRM optimization using Customer Intelligence, provides a clear and detailed view of the business, based on real and in-depth statistical data on all types of Customers.

      • How to make decisions without knowing your customer or the way he buys?
      • How to define strategies without knowing your business?


The management of the Customer relationship is closely connected to marketing and sales strategies and therefore to the increase of sales and profits. That is why knowing in detail the interests and behaviors of consumers becomes so important.

What are the benefits of optimizing CRM?