We are a consulting firm specialized in Customer Intelligence with over 20 years’ experience. Our mission is to help companies retain customers and unlock more value from each one.
We analyze the data on Customers’ consumption patterns enabling Brands to implement strategies for personalized initiatives, as well as to identify new business opportunities.
Customer Loyalty
Our focus is:
Increase, retain and win back customers

Customer Intelligence

Are you aware that the analysis of your Customers’ data has the immense power of growing your business?

Customer Intelligence helps to understand each Customer within the organization. It allows the definition of strategies to acquire, retain, mitigate churn and reactivate customers. To learn their preferences, follow their lifecycle and to suggest purchases by association.

We conduct an in-depth study of the data regarding the relationship of Customers with your company, in terms of preferences, purchase patterns and behaviors. With this knowledge the Brand knows:

The most appropriate offer for a certain customer;

When to contact each one;

How and via what channel.

We identify the different stages of the Customer Lifecycle. Brands can prepare personalized campaigns when they recognize:

Who the new Customers are;

Which are the best/most active;

Which are at risk of churning;

Which Customers are inactive / do not interact with the Brand.

We detect statistically relevant consumption patterns to promote sales by association (Market Basket Analysis), identifying the most suitable value propositions for each Customer segment in order to boost sales:

Optimized management of in-store (physical or online) product display;

Layout definition of leaflets and Catalogues;

Up-selling, cross-selling and best next offer strategy support.


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Data Science

For the whole process of data extraction, integration, organization and analysis we use a Data Science Platform.

Advanced Analytics

We specialize in Advanced Analytics, a collection of techniques and tools to analyze large volumes of data that support the strategic decision-making process.


Customer Intelligence leverages the use of customer management platforms, such as CRM, by identifying the best value proposition to make to a certain customer, and the right time to do so.

Free Demo

Free Demo We can exemplify these approaches, free of charge and with no future obligation, with a Proof of Concept (free demo) applied to a real data sample from your company, so you can get a glimpse of what we deliver, the potential of our analytical solutions to drive the development of your business and the expected deliverables.

We define the best strategies to increase Customer value with tailor-made solutions for each individual business, requiring no further investment in terms of application software.

We use an innovative methodology based on the IBM Modeler Premium software, a leading Data Science platform;

We work with several industries (b2b/b2c);

We deliver Personalized Reporting (Scorecard, Migration Report and Dashboards) via an exclusive access portal that can be viewed on a Computer, Tablet or Mobile;

Analytics-as-a-Service (AaaS): analytical partnership model on a regular and ongoing basis;

Analytical Project: analytical partnership on a one-shot basis, limited to a particular project.


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Know your Customers
Improve Brand Communication
Get more Customer satisfaction
Increase sales and average ticket
Strengthen your Brand
Increase Customer Loyalty